What is Faith?

What is Faith? If asked, “Do you have Faith?” you might reply “well certainly I do”. But what does it mean to have Faith? I don’t think many people really know. Can you answer that question? If so, stop reading this right now and write down your answer, then finish reading this post.

Satan tries to break our Faith by tempting us to sin, and sin draws us away from God. But Satan only has that power to the extent that we give it to him. When he wins and we break down to sin, it is Grace that forgives the sin. Bad things happen everywhere, every day. But people seem to mostly only really notice when they happen to them.

Faith is the process in which we trust that God’s Grace, and ONLY God’s Grace will bring us to eternal salvation. When our Faith is broken and we start taking our eyes, ears and minds away from God, Mercy cannot be recognized from the jungle of life, and the Grace that the Lord bestowed upon the earth cannot comfort our souls. But when we start to focus back on God and his Word and confess our sins and repent, we will find the Grace of forgiveness which will cleanse us by the blood of Jesus and sanctify us back to the Lord, our God, whose Grace grants us Salvation. This is how we have Faith.

I look forward to reading your comments.