True Christianity

Brothers and sisters, let me discuss with you what it means to be a true, real Christian and understand what it means to “walk the walk”. This is not my opinion, but Truth, from God’s Word. We need to read the Prophets and learn what the prophecy was, then read the Gospels and learn how the prophecy was fulfilled and when we realize the truth through the Holy Spirit, proclaim it with vigor. We should resound with great joy that our eternal suffering, absent from the Lord, has been nullified by the blood of the perfect Lamb. But there is much more to being Christian than just Salvation and proclamation. All of the messages in my blog site cover many of the things God tells us we need to do in our temporary lives here on earth. I will re-state that our lives here are less than a drop of water in all the seas of the earth as compared to eternity.(Obedience)

There is a “feel-good” doctrine that is getting more and more popular in many churches. I am witnessing it a great deal on social media. People want to preach Christianity as only plentiful, happy and carefree. They know that others don’t want to hear about pain and suffering.  They know that if they preach about pain and suffering that their audience may migrate to another “feel-good” church. People don’t want to discuss it. Some folks don’t want to appear to be complaining. In this life, pain and suffering, at times, are inevitable.  Folks, it’s all about ATTITUDE!

Being Christian doesn’t mean your life will be happy all the time. Being Christian doesn’t mean you will be wealthy. Being Christian doesn’t mean you will have a big house, a fancy, loaded car and many children. On the contrary! God blesses us so that we might pay it forward and pass His blessings, to us, on to others.(Paying It Forward) When we do that, He will bless us even more, and then we pass more on to others.

Jesus suffered greatly so that we would not have to spend eternity apart from the Father.(Matthew 16:21) If we are to walk in His way, we can also expect suffering in our lives, and we WILL.(1 Peter 1:6) In fact, Peter writes that we will have suffering in our lives but we should rejoice in suffering(1 Peter 3:14) and a level of life which is simply enough, not plenty.(Matt 6:19-21)  Christ owned nothing but the clothes He wore. In our suffering, rather than saying “why me?” we should be asking “why not me?”.(Matt 5:11-12) Let your blessed light shine through your suffering and show the world that your soul and spirit belong to Christ.(Matt 6:16-18)

Brothers and sisters, I write this so that you may know the Truth and the Way. We ALL have a cross we must carry or a thorn which is given to keep us humble – accept it joyfully, do not deny it.  It is given by the Holy Spirit and to deny it would be to deny God’s plan and purpose for our lives. Life is not always agreeable and prosperous, particularly for Christians. The feel-good doctrine is a false doctrine and cannot be proven, Biblically. Yes, we will benefit in eternity, but we must suffer for a little while, here in this life, just as did Christ, our savior.(1 Peter 1:5-7) And for future generations, it will be even more difficult as the end of the age nears.(Matt 24:19)

I look forward to reading your comments.