Thoughtless Provocation

I think our society has become notorious for being explosive. Road rage is practically at an all-time high, worldwide. (It makes me wonder about automobile sales being escalated) Suicide bombings, school shootings, fire bombings, all are seen in the news nearly every day. The perpetrators, feeling sanctified to their cause, are blindly executing their deeds to satisfy an undefinable, unseen, unreliable, nondescript and hidden in the dark corners of the earth, god, who exists in our human flaws. This god feeds on fear, anger, threats, darkness, hate, indifference, loneliness, dispassion, ignorance and lack of grace, among numerous other negative human traits. We need to come out of the darkness and into the light so we can see what is truly around ourselves and fix that which is broken.

Brothers and sisters, we are living in a fallen world. We need to have the capacity to differentiate the darkness from the light. Ignorance leads to darkness, truth leads to the light. To find the truth, the one and only truth, we have to have a source. The best source of light is the Holy Word of God, the living Truth, the endless source of light. It is humanity’s living owner’s manual for life. While living in darkness, it takes only to open the Bible, and the surrounding darkness is immediately illuminated by the truth of God’s promises and heavenly wisdom. Beware, though, once enlightened, you are responsible for all your actions. While Christ died to pay your sin debt in full, your actions may have worldly consequences. You have the responsibility to make the light shine through you from God’s Holy Spirit, and let the consequences fall where they may. But even in our consequences we can find comfort in the light for we know that all things happen for the good of those called to God’s divine purpose.

Friends, everything we think, everything we feel, everything we say and everything we do has the capacity to be blessed by either Christ or by satan. Satan lives in the darkness and Christ lives in the light. Christ pleaded with us to come out of the darkness and into the light so that the light would also shine through us to show others the path out of the darkness. Don’t put the bowl over the lamp. Keep the lamp burning and continually add oil so that you may always have the light of Christ to keep you out of the darkness.

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