The Threshold

In this life, eventually we all learn that we are going to die. This is a major part of our existence. Life in this world, literally, is defined by a heartbeat. One second you’re alive, the next you have passed over the threshold from this life to the next.  But where do we go after that last second? What happens to our “being”? We have all heard the stories, from people who were clinically dead for a few seconds, of going through a sort of tunnel and then seeing a bright light and then coming back.

The only person to have really known about the after-life is Jesus, because He was there before He came to earth, as a man, to tell us about it.  (John 1:1-18) The Gospels are full of short passages where He explains about Heaven and of hell. So, as Christians, we know we are going to a good place. But how do we really get there since every one of us, without exception, are sinners?
In order to be accepted into Heaven, Christians know we must accept Jesus as our one true Lord and Savior and that He gave His life as a sacrificial atonement so that whosoever would believe, would have everlasting life. Without this belief tucked deep into your heart, to you the gates will be closed. In the Gospels, Jesus tells us that the gateway to Heaven is narrow and few will pass through it.

The way to get through the narrow gate is by accepting Christ. Does it stop there? No (see Service). There will be a second judgment day where we will stand before almighty God and will have to give an account for how we lived our lives, as is told in the book, “Revelation”. This is the threshold. Will we step over it and into the light of God or into the abyss, apart from God for eternity? Fortunately, we have God’s Word, the Bible. The Word has all the instructions for how to live our lives so that when we step over that threshold, it will be into the light of our Savior.

The bible has a 2-part enlightening experience. The Old Testament has the story of creation, examples of how God works when we fail and when we succeed in His plans for our lives, and quotes from the many prophets who gave us a glimpse into the future so we would know that God was with us. The New testament features the 4 Gospels depicting the life of Christ on this earth, and His teachings. Then there are a number of letters from Paul, who persecuted and killed Christians and was converted by Jesus to become maybe the most well known author of all time. In his writings are many of the principles for a righteous life, and the repeating of the wisdoms from Jesus. Also, a few letters from Peter, a brother of Jesus. Finally, Revelation as told by the bondservant of Christ to John. This is God’s warning as to what will happen up to the days of the final judgment.

In this blog site, you will find messages quoting Biblical scripture to help you find the main facets of living a righteous life. If you don’t have a Bible, you really need to get this user’s manual for life (eternal) and read it, meditate on it and live your life per the instructions written there for you. This is the only way to step over the threshold and into the light and not the darkened abyss, for all eternity.

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