The Civil Servant

The civil servant. Let’s break down this term and analyze it a bit. Civic means “of or relating to a municipality” – or people. . Servant is not “one who is served” but “one who serves”. So, a civil servant is someone who serves the people. Anyone who is paid a government salary is classified as a civil servant based on the definition. The problem today is that, in reality, it is all backwards. Most civil servants are living like kings and queens, expecting their constituents to serve them instead of the other way around.

We say our military ‘serves their country”, but instead, they are serving only their commanders. It’s time to get the top brass, congress and all political officers out of the lap of luxury and into tents! It’s been good enough for our troops for decades. If we can fight a war, overseas, from tents, then we can lead this country the same way!

It’s not just in Washington. Every single municipality’s leaders need to get down off their high horses and SERVE their constituents from the state capitals to the local sheriff’s office. Additionally, all congressional orders need to be rescinded back to Lincoln’s day. Then all congressional orders need to be voted on by the people on a referendum. Let the public decide when their congress gets a raise. Also abolish all the government pensions and make government employees pay into 401k funds with a low percentage of matching tax dollars – just like everyone else in America.  The tax dollars saved, along with a lot more appropriated, must be dumped into the Veteran’s Administration so those people get the kind of care they really need. Everything they need, to make their lives as normal as possible, needs to be FULLY paid for them AND their immediate families for the rest of their lives! When a state Senator loses an arm or leg in the duration of their civic duties, then they too can collect their salary for the rest of their lives. Otherwise, once voted out, no more government salary!

Most of the problem probably starts because we don’t pay attention when it comes time to vote. Most of the candidates who win, in any election, are the most popular, and the only way to get popular is to spend money campaigning. So only the wealthy get elected. Well what do they know about what the world needs, what the state needs, what the town needs??? They live in their ivory towers and collect our tax dollars for their own entertainment.

People, Christ came to this world as the son of a poor carpenter, born in a stable not to be served but to serve.(Matthew 20:25-28) If serving the world was good enough for the King of the universe, it is certainly good enough for regular people. God’s will be done.

I look forward to reading your comments.