The Church

In today’s time, Christ’s church is divided into many “denominations”. Catholics, who seem to be the first organized christian church, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Baptists, Methodists, AME, Latter-Day Saints and a host more. I will admit that I am ignorant to the cultural differences among all the denominations but I don’t think that this segregation of the church necessarily has to mean segregation of biblical ideals.  We all believe (or we should) that the Bible is God’s Word. So then we should be living righteous lives based on the scriptures. If we were all to go back and read all four Gospels or even just the Sermon on the Mount, (Matt 5-7) we would understand the Biblical life principals that bring us all together as one Church under Christ.

The Holy Bible is the glue that holds together the fractured Church of Jesus Christ (which we refer to as denominations). Remember Peter, the foundation onto which Christ built His church? (Matthew 16:15-20) He knew the truth about who Christ is only by divine intervention. Today, we know the truth by the divine context of God’s Word. What a true blessing! If we believe there is only one Holy Word of God, then we can all believe that we are all one church, built by the hand of Christ.