Emotions. The good Lord gave them to all of us. But I know there are a lot of men, and some women, who won’t allow their tears to be seen in public. God knows I have cried enough of them. I can remember the very first time I cried in public. It was an Easter service and they played a hymn, the title of which I cannot remember. And I wept. My wife asked me what was wrong and I replied through my tears that I didn’t know, but I couldn’t stop. I will never forget the next thing I heard. I heard her mother say “Praise Jesus for He has exalted Himself to us today”.

Do you know what the shortest Bible verse is? It is John 11:35 – “Jesus wept“. Christ stood before a multitude and wept in sorrow for the death of His friend, Lazarus. He didn’t have to weep. He certainly knew He could bring Lazarus back, so why did He do this? I believe it was to show that there is nothing wrong with showing that a person has a tender heart. The greatest man who ever walked this earth was willing to show his emotion in public. We can too!

I look forward to reading your comments.