Revelation 13:1-3

When driving, do you yell at the other drivers, knowing they can’t hear you, when you see them do “stupid stuff” and endangering you, them and/or others on the road? Do you shake your fist or make hand gestures to them when they either drive too slow or cut you off without a signal? Do you “hate” politicians or other people on TV? Do you ever wish vengeful, unfortunate circumstances against any other people, whom you don’t even know?
I have certainly fallen into this trap of satan’s on many occasions. It just might be satan’s greatest tool against us. As Christians, we should just judge the act as improper and then let God take the lead. The circumstances of those evil acts will be set upon those committing those acts with God’s timing. We certainly should not engage those who irritate us in these practices, but instead, we should pray for them so that God’s blessings will come down on us instead of a circumstance precipitated from the sin of vengeance.(Leviticus 19:18)

In Romans 12:19-21, the apostle Paul instructs us to leave vengeance up to God. This passage explicitly tells us that if we bless those who do evil that evil shall beset them. Leave revenge up to God and you will climb higher, while you leave those who do evil farther and farther behind.

I look forward to reading your comments.