The Beatitudes

The Holy Bible is full of stories and wisdom teaching us life lessons. But possibly the most comprehensive and condensed passage is the sermon on the mount. In just 3 chapters, Jesus, God himself, personified, tells us all that we need to live a peaceful and fulfilling life.    

Starting at the beginning of Matthew chapter 5, we are taught many of God’s promises in the Beatitudes (Matt 5: 3-12). We learn the promise of the kingdom of heaven (Matt 5:3), the promise of the Lord’s comfort (Matt 5:4), the promise of the fulfillment of righteousness (Matt 5:6), mercy (Matt 5:7), and our rewards in heaven (Matt 5:11). All of this, straight from the mouth of God himself.

Why would we not listen and believe these things He has said? He tells us that we “are the salt of the earth” (Matt 5:13). So then, as salt improves the flavor of food, so should we improve the “flavor” of the world.

You are the light of the world.” (Matt 5:14). As believers we should be shining our lights ahead on the way through the “narrow path” (Matt 7:13) so that others may follow us and we need to lead by example. The narrow path is more difficult because it takes concentration and focus to aim ourselves in the right direction to get through it. The wide path is easy to find and easy to pass through, so many people find their way to it. It is not easy to find and follow the narrow path (Matt 7:14), so we should shine our lights (living by example) so that other can see, learn and follow behind us. As believers, we should be leading the way to the kingdom of heaven and righteousness and peace here on earth.