Life’s Uncertainties

As believers, God allows storms in our lives in order for us to develop a greater dependency on Him during life’s uncertainties  and, in unison, a more intimate relationship with him. (James 1:2-4)  For non-believers, God may allow storms, and at times strong storms, to turn non-believers toward Him when they feel otherwise helpless (Isaiah 49:13).

Where there is loss, I feel there is no good and healthy way to get through these particularly troubling times without Faith.  People sometimes turn to alcohol, drugs and/or other paths which just spiral them farther downward.  Our Lord and Saviour would never allow believers to turn to such destructive means to deal with life’s uncertainties without His divine intervention first. (Jeremia 31:13)  If we choose not to believe that He is the way to be at peace with our losses, then we know that He will turn away from us. (Matt 10:33)

We should all keep in mind all of God’s Promises which we have notated in our Bibles and in times of troubles, we should re-read them and trust God to keep those promises which will keep us closer to Him.  I would suggest that you try it and you will find He will NEVER fail you, especially during life’s uncertainties.

I look forward to reading your comments.