Lead or Follow?

Sometimes I think we were all born to be followers and all of our true leaders have already passed through this life. Some of us have never been taught nor have had the experience to think for themselves; to think in a way which makes good decisions out of bad circumstances. This process can start to spiral into an endless vortex into which our lives, and other’s lives as well, are unnoticeably drawn.

I think most of us don’t even have a problem until we see it on television or hear about it on Facebook, the Internet or through the grapevine. Once made aware of it, we decide we have that problem. We’ve become so brain-washed that we can actually experience physical ailments just by thinking we have them. The ailments may become real, but we should have never had them in the first place.

Rather than focusing on what is bad or unhealthy in our lives, we should be focusing on what’s good in our lives. We should think about our homes, our full refrigerators, GOOD health, not bad health. Those who are able to concentrate on the good Lord’s blessings, may be those who should step in line to be our next leaders. Then, hopefully, focused on the good in their lives, they can pass more good things on to those who have less in their lives.
THIS IS the Christ philosophy.

I look forward to reading your comments.