I have gone back and re-read some of my own blog posts and have sometimes found a new message, a message I NEVER considered at the time I was writing the post.  Is this because I’m a great writer?  No, I don’t think I am even a good writer.  I think I am an inspired writer.  Of course, when you start with golden bricks you don’t end up building a house of straw.

I believe God is inspiring my Spirit with every strike of my keyboard.  I pray for His inspiration when I read my Bible and when I write these messages.  I aspire to obey His word and re-inspire believers weak in the spirit as well as inspire non-believers. (Matt 28:19)  God’s Word is food for my spirit.

My belief is that God inspires all of us in our Bible readings and all other inspirational readings, as long as the writer hasn’t gone out of God’s will for the message being authored.  I know that our Lord inspires me, through His Spirit, to write these messages to share with the world through my blog and the Internet. (John 14:26) (Luke 10:17-21)  I hope you find our Lord’s inspiration in my words and, most importantly, in His Word.