Happiness Part 1

The “feel good” doctrine is taking a foothold in our society. There are a great many people who feel like they will get whatever they want just by praying for it. They take “ask and it shall be given” completely out of context.(isolating scriptural “text” is a “con” [context]) If you believe you can get everything you want just by asking God in prayer you are going to be terribly disappointed. This is false doctrine and those teaching it are false prophets! If you got everything you asked for and were happy every day of your life, you would be useless to God, because your focus would be on your earthly life instead of on Him. God has a plan and purpose for your life and the only supplication He will grant are those which fall into that plan and purpose – and then only in His timing, which is perfect for you, whether you think so or not.

You say “but God wants me to be happy, right?” I challenge any person who reads this to show me where in God’s Word it states He wants us to be happy. On the contrary.  The Old Testament is stuffed full of stories of people living through difficult circumstances.  The New Testament is LOADED with scripture speaking of our trials. Perhaps of highest importance are James 1:2-4 and Philippians 4:12-13. The secret, as Paul said, is to be content in our circumstances, good AND bad. For those suffering bad circumstances, we are to serve them as best we can. (James 2:14-26) If you are under trials and you have God living inside you, He will always provide a way out of a possible sinful situation – but you need to be willing to take up that option.

God will constantly keep us under trials so that our faith can be strengthened and our Christian resolve can grow. Don’t expect to be happy in this life. Don’t even expect to be happy in marriage. (1 Corinthians 7:27-40) Store up heavenly treasures and not those of this life. Embrace the trials of life and use godly wisdom to pass them, for passing builds faith but failing also has it’s own righteousness, through God, as it creates wisdom. So be not sorriful for your failures, for if we fail in the name of Jesus, righteousness will be your favor. (James 1:4-7)

I look forward to reading your comments.