God’s Best For Us

I have lived now for more than half of a century on this planet. I have broken all of the 11 commandments and yet I can tell you I have found peace and contentment in my life. It is the peace of God, the grace of His forgiveness and the contentment of knowing He will always take care of me as long as I live within His will for my life.

An example: I stayed in a concrete apartment building in Brandon the night that hurricane Irma ravaged southwestern and central Florida. I watched the storm track on my phone as the center literally passed right over my house. My wife and I knew our house may not be standing as we cautiously approached our street the next morning but we knew that whatever the outcome, we had peace about it because God was guiding us through those circumstances.

The foundation of my life now is summed up with two basic principles:

      1. Obey God and leave all the consequences to Him (InTouch Ministries Life Principle number 2)
      2. We know that God causes all things to work for the good to those who are called according to His purpose.(Rom 8:28)

With these principles in mind, we can be assured that as long as we stay in God’s word, meditate on it and obey it (Josh 1:8), we will be able to find peace in whatever circumstances we find ourselves facing. These are the life principles that allow us to accept the tragedies we see nearly every day and still find peace in our lives, if we stay in God’s path. We should obey God, accept His forgiveness, stay in His word so we know how to communicate with Him and leave everything else up to Him.