God and the Big Bang Theory

The title of this message should really be “God IS the Big Bang Theory”. I don’t feel that religion and science have to be mutually exclusive. I believe science is the study of how things are made/done in our world, but God is the creator, the artist, the engineer and the assembler.   As far as in-depth physics is concerned, I doubt we will ever have a feasible theory as to how the universe was created – because I don’t think it was. Even if so, causality would preclude fact and that would still leave a superior being at the helm.

I believe God, basically, is the universe and both have existed forever. There never was a beginning and there never will be an end. It’s difficult for us, as mere humans, to understand this. Personally, I don’t know what makes some scientists think they can discover the answers. There are several theories which they have yet to prove.

You see, they have only that – theories. None of which have any practical evidence to prove – because it will never happen. The unified theory of the instantaneous creation of our world and the big bang IS the Lord our God, Jehovah, The Great I Am, the Living God. What makes anyone think they should be able to understand God and how He thinks?

We have only the Word with which to show us how He reacts to us. I don’t believe for a moment that we are the only living creatures in the universe, although we may be the most arrogant if we were to think that we are and we have no idea as to how God reacts to other beings. However, we might possibly be the most stupid creatures in the universe, as we seem to be complacent with destroying the environment which supports our life systems – in the name of greed. Side note: if you think about it, 99% of what is wrong with humanity is directly connected to greed.

In summation, God rules the universe, God IS the universe and has been forever. I think science is fine as long as we stick with the discovery of how things were put together and not try to explain creation, as a whole, itself. If more scientists were to believe, they just might get the answers they seek when they leave this life and move on to the next. You cannot expect to spend eternity with a God in whom you do not believe.

I look forward to reading your comments.