Food For Thought

I recently planted a patio garden, where, all the plants grow in containers of some sort. I have done a lot of research throughout my past as to how different garden plants grow. However, once I moved to Florida, in this sub-tropical climate, everything changed. To begin with, the growing season is backwards. You START to plant in September and get primarily 2 crops through March. This is the same time of the year people are shoveling snow where I grew up.

But all the study in world, all of the available information on the internet, CANNOT make a plant fourish and produce fruit. Only God can do that, so I asked the Lord to pour out His grace upon my garden and allow it to produce. So now I await the harvest.

I spoke about this subject with a pastor friend of mine and we both spoke about how we admire plants – trees in particular. This is about the differences in God and greed – or satan. Take a good hard look, one day, at a significantly sized maple or oak. Measure with your eyes the circumference of the trunk and look up and scan the amount of square yardage the canopy covers. Then stop and think about the years that tree lived through – the storms, the springs, the economically good times and the poor times. Maybe this tree was alive during our civil War or even the Revolutionary War. That tree could be centuries old.

Though only through his greed, man could remove all signs of that tree having ever existed in a matter of a few hours. This is one of the huge differences between a Godly man and a man consumed with greed. Let’s leave the trees alone so they can able us to breathe and cool the earth in the summer. Only God can make a tree. Do you want to be the one who kills His creation?

I look forward to reading your comments.