About This Blog

About this blog:

While many teachers focus directly on the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in these messages, my objective is to focus more attention primarily on  Biblical text and how it instructs us in behavior which will prepare us for the next life, eternally. The behavioral suggestions in our Bibles apply to each and every one of us today, even though it was written centuries ago.

I like to call my blog a “mustard seed” because just like Jesus, I aspire to plant the seeds of God’s Word across the Internet, and with God’s blessing, throughout the world. The passages I cite, for the most part, link to the King James Version of “Bible Gateway,” where you can change the version for easier reading if you wish.  My final goal would be that everyone study their Bibles so that they all cross over the threshold from this life to eternity with The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

With God’s unfailing Grace, we have this user manual with which to learn the experience of a righteous life earning ourselves a jeweled crown in the final judgment.  It is my prayer that this blog site will inspire people from all over the world, to a life of following Jesus so that they may all step over the threshold into the light of our Lord and Savior.