About the Author

Joe Ketchen

Hi, my name is Joe Ketchen.  I grew up in southeast Pennsylvania where I attended Marple Newtown Senior High School and graduated in 1979. I love the Lord’s inspiring gift of music and was a spirited part of my high school band. 

I started my career in the computer industry, in 1982.  Tired of dealing with snowy winters, I moved to the Columbia area of South Carolina, in 1988.  In 2000, my wife and I moved to Florida and I am still here in the Tampa Bay area.  A widower, a divorcee and now remarried, in 2016, and forced into retirement due to complications from diabetes, I found myself with much more time on my hands.  I felt like I needed to give something back in my life, so I increasingly studied my Bible. 

I like to cook (please look for the announcement of my published e-book of recipes on Facebook) and am told I am rather good at it.  I learned most of my technique from my mother.  Emeril Lagasse and Jacques Pepin are other mentors.  So then I pondered cooking for local shut-ins and other handicapped folks, but my physical condition made it very difficult to commit to a regular schedule. 

After much prayer and sitting still, listening for the Lord to speak to me, I was inspired to share some of what the Lord was teaching me and I started this blog in March of 2018 with aspirations to do just that.

There are many overall life lessons to be learned in our Bible and many personal lessons for each of us.  I try to focus on the overall lessons in these messages, but I won’t hesitate to share a few personal lessons – without being too specific. I hope you enjoy my messages and hopefully learn new lessons or be reminded of something you read and/or experienced in the past.  You can comment on my messages by using the comment section shown after each post.  I would love to hear from you.

Thank you, remember to stay in God’s purpose for your life and may His promise of overflowing blessings pour down on you.

I look forward to reading your comments.