Well, here we are, the year 2020, in the middle of a world-wide pandemic of coronavirus COVID-19. Concerned people are all asking the same questions – where did this start?, how did this start?, is there a cure? etc. The word pandemic itself sounds a bit like panic. And that’s precisely what Americans have done – panic. Within hours of the announcement that the virus was diagnosed the U.S., most grocery stores were out of essentials and shelf stock. There was no sanitizing agents of any kind, no paper products, no bottled water or canned goods and meat became scarce. As grocery employees re-stocked the shelves with what the stores had, people were grabbing the items right out of their hands. Suddenly, Americans became dependant on minimum salaried workers.

Medical workers, first responders, grocery clerks, food delivery people, even sanitation workers, who, are ALL NEEDED in this society, are heros for having stepped in and taken the chances of being exposed and contracting this virus. Our country’s leaders have tirelessly worked to come up with a strategy to combat this pandemic and the spread of the virus. To slow the spread of this virus, we are to socially distance ourselves from others. This has proven to be a viable solution to slowing the spread as testing figures have shown. Some states/counties require masks when traveling for “essential services”.

But not everyone is abiding by the rules. Some people think that it’s ok to gather in small groups. When we consider ourselves better than the rules and break them, we just thumb our noses to all of those aforementioned who chance catching this illness and perhaps dying from it. There are already far too numerous cases of that happening.

People worldwide, know this; this virus is an allowance of God. He is watching to see how we will react to the pressures of not having everything we want. He may not have created this illness, but you can be certain that He is using it to test us all. Those who fail will have to bear bleak consequences of their actions. This could be death, near death or the loss of a loved one. The time period for which we will be able to have just the essentials for living will probably go on for months from now, regardless of what government officials are saying.

Only God can stop this, so pray vigilantly, pray soberly and pray sincerely.  Put your full trust in the Lord.  Remember, it will be more than years before our lives will be back the way they were before this plague struck the world.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)