Do You Believe In God?

Do you believe in God? Do you believe in the Supreme Being, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End? If you don’t then let me explain it in a moment. Do you believe in God? If so, do you believe in His blessings on you? If you don’t then let me explain it in a moment.

God is the Almighty Creator who has been in existence forever. (Revelation 22:13) That means from now until always, which is fairly easy for us to understand because of the reference point of “now”. But God was never created – He always was. Doesn’t everything have a beginning? In this case, no. This aspect of God is like trying to understand infinity. We say that infinity means going on forever. But again we have a reference point of “now” or “here”. Infinity goes inward forever as well and is never ending. Take anything and cut it in half. Take each half and cut them in half again. Now take all those pieces and cut them in half. This will go on forever. No matter how small the pieces get, they can still be cut in half. This is with God also. God stretches from here to eternity both inward and outward. So, do you believe in God?

Do you believe that God blesses everyone? He does you know. Even with all the bad things which happen in this fallen world, God’s blessings happen every day, to everyone. (Romans 8:28)
When you woke this morning was the sun shining, was it raining, snowing, was the wind blowing? Did you wake up in a house or with any kind of roof over your head? Were you warm or cool? Did you drive to work today? Did your kids go to school? Did you take a drink from a clean water fountain?

Let’s face facts; everything that happens is via God’s will. He can allow or intervene on disasters, He is the root of everything good and we take Him for granted every single day. Every accomplishment for which we take credit is from God. Bad things are not always from God but it is through His will that they happen. We may never understand His reasons. (Isaiah 55: 8)(Life’s Uncertainties )

There is no such thing as luck, good or bad; only God’s Will. Do you believe in God? If not, what do think is going to happen when you leave this life? Is that the end? No. so, do you believe in God? If not, you really ought to start.