God’s Endless Love For Us

God loves us and He wants us to love Him as well. But how can you love something and/or someone we have never seen? The Bible, God’s Word, tells us how. If we study “InTouch’s” Life Principle number one, it teaches the following: “Our intimacy with God – His highest priority for our lives – determines the impact for our lives”. God seeks fellowship with us which is why He created us the way He did (Gen 1:26). But to experience God’s best for us, we need to surrender to Him, completely. If you’re holding something back in your life from God, you are not getting His best for yourself. (Eccl 2:24-26), (Song 5:16)

Genesis 1:26 tells us God made man in His own image and then gave man rule over all things on the earth. In return, He wants our service and worship to be fruitful and effective. But often times we resist and move away from God’s will for or lives. Why? All too often it is out of greed and pride. Our world has become a world of instant gratification. We want what we want and we want it now. (Psalm 27:14) Also, pride makes many people feel like they can do better for themselves than God can. Still others believed that God is vengeful and if they give God control, He will do things that will make them miserable.

A friend once argued with me that God is not righteous.  His example depicted a young child suffering and dying from cancer.  I tried to show how this is, in some way, a blessing.  Well, I failed.  Recently a pastor friend taught me this philosophy:  “I have given eulogies for 90-year-olds as well as 9-week-olds.  Consider each life as only a single drop of water in all the oceans of the world, as compared to eternity”.

God does not make bad things happen – they just happen. He will allow some bad things to happen and most often, He will make good will come from it (Rom 8:28), but we need to remember two very important things: first, God is omnipotent, in control, and second, we have something call Free Choice.  We can easily step out of God’s will by using this free choice, but there will be consequences.

So the next time you feel like God is punishing you, remember God loves us and has the best for us within His will. Then, ask yourself: Have I stepped out of God’s will for my life and are simply suffering consequences from my own choices? If you contemplate your situation and pray about it, the answer will become clear. (Matt 7:7)

God has given each and every one of us His greatest gift of all time (John 3:16). “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:3)

Food For Thought

I recently planted a patio garden, where, all the plants grow in containers of some sort. I have done a lot of research throughout my past as to how different garden plants grow. However, once I moved to Florida, in this sub-tropical climate, everything changed. To begin with, the growing season is backwards. You START to plant in September and get primarily 2 crops through March. This is the same time of the year people are shoveling snow where I grew up.

But all the study in world, all of the available information on the internet, CANNOT make a plant fourish and produce fruit. Only God can do that, so I asked the Lord to pour out His grace upon my garden and allow it to produce. So now I await the harvest.

I spoke about this subject with a pastor friend of mine and we both spoke about how we admire plants – trees in particular. This is about the differences in God and greed – or satan. Take a good hard look, one day, at a significantly sized maple or oak. Measure with your eyes the circumference of the trunk and look up and scan the amount of square yardage the canopy covers. Then stop and think about the years that tree lived through – the storms, the springs, the economically good times and the poor times. Maybe this tree was alive during our civil War or even the Revolutionary War. That tree could be centuries old.

Though only through his greed, man could remove all signs of that tree having ever existed in a matter of a few hours. This is one of the huge differences between a Godly man and a man consumed with greed. Let’s leave the trees alone so they can able us to breathe and cool the earth in the summer. Only God can make a tree. Do you want to be the one who kills His creation?